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Reflector Epoxy

Epoxies have become a generic term for many different types of resin flooring systems.  Epoxy is the fully cured result of two or more components or resins that have been mixed together

Our reflector Epoxy floor coatings in Farehope are highly durable and allow for the color variety that comes with paint but the durability of a much stronger material.  Our resin floor coverings in Farehope can take foot traffic, vehicular traffic and sustain wear and tear from many industrial tools and equipment.

Epoxy Surface Benefits

Seamless Surface

Easy to clean with mop and a light detergent

Extremely Durable

Strong enough to handle vehicular traffic

Attractive and Customizable

Create any pattern, design or color you desire

Slip Resistant

Anti-slip additives create a non-slip surface


Environmentally friendly with low or no VOC’s

Cost Effective

A long term solution that’s easy on your budget

Reflector Epoxy Portfolio

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